Our great common room--game room and restaurant is the ideal location at the Inn to hang out, kill time and meet others staying at Tankah Inn. We serve all out guests a complimentary morning meal from 7:30 to 11:00 am. Also, we make readily available a large collection of books.


A fair number of board games are also here for your entertainment. Additionally, you'll find other assorted amenities and valuable information ranging from a decent pair of binoculars to maps and brochures of the area. The Great Room, and its terrace, is some 15 ft above sea level providing all with the most spectacular view of Tankah Bay, the break-water reef, and weather permitting, the south end of Cozumel Island and the North section of Sian Ka'An Reserve.


Your Chef, Waiter and Dishwasher is Francisco “Pancho”

Tips are not included in price of meals.


Served Between 7:30 and 11:00 am



1. Mixed Fruit Bowl with natural Yogurt and/or

    honey and/or granola.

2. Two Eggs (Fried, scrambled, poached) with refried

     black beans and toast.

3. Omelet (two eggs) with (your choice) ham,

    chorizo, onions, cheese, bell peppers, tomatoes,

    mushrooms served with refried black beans and toast.

4. Hot Cakes with butter, maple syrup or honey.

5. French Toast with butter, maple syrup or honey.

6. Order of Bacon (three slices)

7. Toast (two slices) with butter and marmalade.

8. Hash-Browns Golden fried.




1. Huevos Rancheros

A fried tortilla, covered with fried eggs and topped with salsa rancho served with refried black beans and toast.


2. Huevos a la Mexicana

Two scrambled eggs with onions, serrano peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, served with refried black beans, flour tortilla and pico de gallo.


3. Omelet Tankah

A two eggs omelet filled with cheese, chorizo, onions,tomatoes and topped with Pancho's “Salsa Maya” and served with black beans and toast.



1. Motuleños

A fried tortilla spread with refried black beans, topped with two fried eggs covered in Salsa Maya and finished with ham, grated cheese, some English peas (a very flavorful Mayan sauce) A large meal.


Coffe ~ Fruit Juice ~ Twining Teas ~ Milk


Fruit Juices:

Orange, grapefruit, mango, tomato , pineapple, peach, apple & grape


Twining Teas:

English breakfast, earl gray, lady gray, darjeeling, prince of wales, and others when available, please ask.




Tankah III~ Lote # 16

Quintana, Roo ~ México

+52 1 (984) 255 5550‬

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