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There many Nature and Wildlife Activities to take part in while at Tankah Inn. Sian Ka'an is an extensive reserved area just minutes from Tankah. In addition, there are many other activities related to ecotourism, wildlife preservation, environmental education programs and volunteer work -short or long term. So why not make of Tankah Inn your operational center for collaborating and partaking in a wildlife tour or activity that supports local conservation programs.



To top off your connection to the beauty, you can start or end each day with a yoga class. Tankah bay and Tulum are a bright portal of energy, there's no shortage of teachers and range of styles to accommodate all yoga levels. Ask for for daily and private classes.

Some Facts of Sian Ka'an worth mentioning are:


  • Largest protected area in the Mexican Caribbean (approximately 1.3 million acres)
  • Established January 20th 1986 as part of UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Program
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Unique for its geography and wetlands
  • 23 known archeological sites (with relics dating up to 2,300 years old)
  • 103 known mammal species
  • 336 known bird species
  • Nesting ground for many species of wading birds
  • Annual rainfall between 44 and 48 inches
  • Important nesting site for two endangered sea turtle species
  • Believed to be inhabited in the Pre-Classic and Classic Periods in Cohuah and Uaymil
  • Currently home to over 2,000 inhabitants

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